Zebra Patterned Decor

by Jon Peters

Foyer Entry | Bungalow 5 | Jewel Mirror | Zebra Pattern | Animal Print | Home Decor | Interior Design


It’s often said that life imitates art, and there’s nothing more full of life than exotic animals from around the world.  Everything from crocodiles and pythons to leopards and chinchillas have been replicated and infused into the interior design, home décor, and fashion worlds.  In some extremely sad cases, poachers and hunters have killed these beautiful animals for the sake of selling their skins in order to create these products, but these days more and more people are rallying around anti-cruelty when it comes to exotic species. { Continue Reading }

For Rent: Modern Marvel

by Jon Peters
Mid Century Modern | Air BnB | Real Estate | Interior Design

Vacation is probably one of the only things in life that restores my sanity.  I’m super passionate about traveling, even if it’s just a weekend trip to another city or state.  Currently I’m staying with friends while visiting Hawaii, but also checking out the West Coast when I get back to the “main land”.  Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle are all on my list of stops before returning to … { Continue Reading }

Violet Color Trend

by Jon Peters

A major color trend that has been emerging over the past few weeks is shades of violet.  Everything from wallpaper to bedding, paint colors and rugs has been appearing in this lovely shade of purple.  Perhaps the home décor and interior design world is enamored with violet as a result … { Continue Reading }

Modern Malibu Home

by Jon Peters

Real estate mogul Kurt Rappaport’s is a picture-perfect vision of the quintessential Malibu mansion. From stunning vistas and indoor-outdoor living spaces to fresh, streamlined interiors and one-of-a-kind décor and art pieces, this home is absolutely something special. … { Continue Reading }

Jean-Louis Deniot

by Jon Peters
Jean Louis Deniot | Interior Designer | Paris Style | Home Decor

Ever since seeing the beautifully designed metallic kitchen with silver cabinet doors, I’ve become enamored with Parisian interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot. Deniot’s flare for mixing mid-century pieces with sophisticated heirlooms to create eclectic looks that are more historically glam … { Continue Reading }

Best in Bloom

by Jon Peters
Curb Appeal | Fresh Flowers | Landscape Design | Floral Arrangement

I’ve always been one to have faux flowers around, whether it’s an orchid in the bathroom or a daisy in the kitchen window, I’ve always felt that they’re a low maintenance way to display beautiful arrangements without having to do anything. … { Continue Reading }

Glam Student Housing

by Jon Peters
Home Tour | Dorm Ideas | Student Housing | Interior Design

As someone who never really experienced a true college dorm or student housing experience while in school, I’ve got to admit that I feel like I probably missed out a bit on some of the “college experience” that so many freshman see during their first semester away from home.  I’d always pretty much assumed that painted over cinder block walls and stackable pine bunk beds and writing desks … { Continue Reading }

Luxe Magazine Features Studio M

by Studio M
Luxe Magazine | Studio M | Telluride CO | Interior Design

“We were looking to open [the home] up more to the wilderness and add a more modern, updated vibe,” homeowner Joel Cantor says. “We wanted something a little different than the typical log cabin look.” After passing though a double-height ground-floor entry, an open stairway leads to the living and dining areas on the second floor to maximize views. In crafting the combined living-dining … { Continue Reading }

Historic English Estate

by Jon Peters
English Estate | Traditional Interior | Historic Design | Home Decor

Historic buildings and old facades fascinate me, especially those with interiors that have just as much charm as their exteriors. These days, people want to own and live in their own little piece of the past, but regal hunting lodges and European summer palaces may be just out of grasp. Those who can afford it hopefully will want to keep most of the original integrity of the place in tact, … { Continue Reading }

Classic Cantilever Chairs

by Jon Peters

As a fan of mid century modern furniture pieces, one of my favorite go-to resources for finding unique, one-of-a-kind additions for the home is Etsy. The no BS approach to buying vintage in anorganized and easy to use online marketplace allows you to find that perfect piece you’ve been missing.  In fact, most of the pieces that I’ve fallen in love with I had no idea that I was missing until I … { Continue Reading }

Tastefully Decorated Teepees

by Jon Peters
Indoor Camping | Teepee Tent | Playroom Design | Home Decor

When I was a little kid, one of my most favorite pastimes was gathering up all of the sheets, blankets and pillows that I could find and creating a fort for my siblings and I to play inside.  I swear that we were not fully satisfied until the linen closet was cleared out, with everything completely unfolded and the dining room chairs pulled away from their assigned position.  I’m sure it was … { Continue Reading }