Rosa Beltran’s Bungalow

by Jon Peters

Living Room | Acoustic Guitar | Rosa Beltran | Bungalow House | Home Decor | Interior Design

Perhaps one of the most laid-back architectural styles ever invented has been the bungalow. While I love the layout and sense of charm that bungalows offer, I love the history more than anything else. Growing up around Seminole Heights in Tampa, there are a ton of beautiful bungalow-style houses that have been renovated and restored to their original glory.
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Bey + Jay’s LA Digs

by Jon Peters

Jet-setting celebrity power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé are reportedly about to plop down $85 million on a stunningly gorgeous contemporary home in Beverly Hills. Nestled towards the top of a cliffside mountain, this brand new house boasts an infinity-edge pool with stunning panoramic views of Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. … { Continue Reading }

Color Trend: Olive Green

by Jon Peters
Olive Green | Home Decor | Color Trend | Fall Season | Interior Design

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost that time of year again to prepare for fall High Point Market! As someone who enjoys following the latest trends in home decor and interior design, I’m really looking forward to attending again this season. I predict that some of things we got to see this past spring will be familiar, but it’s always interesting to see which colors and decor trends become … { Continue Reading }

Quiet Home Design

by Jon Peters

The sirens at night from an emergency road down an alleyway nearby. The honking of the horns during traffic hours. The city buildings and skyscrapers echoing the cries of the living, breathing, machine that fuels our daily lives. An argument next door. A few doors slam. Another engine starts. Tires screech. A full days work. The clicking of heels against the pavement. The keys turn the lock … { Continue Reading }

SJP’s NYC Townhouse

by Jon Peters

I’ll admit that I’m a fan of HBO’s Sex and the City and after probably watching just about every episode of the series, it’s hard to not fall for Carrie Bradshaw. She had an awesome New York City apartment, cool job, and important friends. Juxtaposed with awkward dating experiences and a bit of drama, Sarah Jessica Parker became an A-list star for her portrayal of the Big City socialite.  In … { Continue Reading }

Pastoral Perfection

by Jon Peters

I first found out about interior designer Kathryn Ireland through the Bravo show Million Dollar Decorators.  The show followed fellow celebrity interior designers Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Mary McDonald and Jeffrey Allan Marks, while they invited cameras into their homes, latest projects, and personal lives.  One of my most favorite from the show was always Kathryn Ireland … { Continue Reading }

Home Tour: Jessica Waks

by Jon Peters

As you may already know, I’m a major Pinterest fanatic. I can literally get lost for hours repining and gawking at everything from drink recipes, DIY ideas, inspirational quotes, and of course home décor! One of the main things that makes Pinterest so great and universally appealing is that things can often go viral pretty quickly, which means that trending styles are brought to the forefront … { Continue Reading }

Designer David Collins

by Jon Peters

As many of my close friends and family members already know, there’s nothing traditional about my home.  I’ve always been super attracted to interiors that stray from the norm, have tons of visual stimulation, and aren’t overly serious.  Residential interiors are great for appealing to one person’s taste, but commercial and hospitality interiors can be tricky in that they should be different … { Continue Reading }

Shoffice: Shed + Office

by Studio M

I like having my own creative nook; my own sanctuary of creative and critical thinking. Living at home with the distractions of "personal life" mixed with "professional life" make it impossible at times to succeed at both. Platform 5, a London-based design firm, has found a unique way to separate the two while elevating the experience of both, individually. … { Continue Reading }

Transitional Beach Homes

by Jon Peters

For the past ten days, I was lucky enough to visit great friends on the island of Oahu. The most populated of the various Hawaiian isles, there is a ton of great architecture to admire. Luxury residences are plentiful and line the coast for beach access and coastal views right in their backyards. A lot of these homes were built a couple of decades ago, but they are no less than impressive and … { Continue Reading }

Betsy Morgan’s Townhouse

by Jon Peters

I’ll admit that when I first laid eyes on designer Betsy Morgan’s NYC townhome that it was love at first sight. What seems like an unlikely residential oasis in the middle of the overcrowded city full of tiny studios, this Chelsea residence is more than you could ever ask for in New York City. Spanning multiple floors, each with its own fabulously designed personality; Betsy Morgan has a ton … { Continue Reading }

Are You Ready to Transform Your Space?

At Studio M we have a variety of design and decorating ideas to share with each one of our clients. Therefore, we look forward to meeting with you to discuss our visions for transforming your space.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Space?

At Studio M we have a variety of design and decorating ideas to share with each one of our clients. Therefore, we look forward to meeting with you to discuss our visions for transforming your space.